Hi' Im Dartesha, Ower of LucyyLunaee. Where style + Confidence = Reality 




I'm Dartesha, Owner of LucyyLunaee! The name was formed after my daughter whose nickname is Lucyy and the Lunaee (Lu-nay), together derived from her Gemini altered ego persona. I founded the brand while preparing my daughter for high school and into the world discovery in search of her independence. During this time, I was evolving into my career as a public administrator. It was important for me to display to my daughter how a mom can be a go-getter with a prospering career, raise a family, and follow her dreams without losing her sense of self,  especially after being a teen parent.  

Here It became apparent for me to start a boutique that is redefining the modern-day career woman who is evolving into the world while balancing two roles. We exude a woman can be a go-getter without compromising her dreams. Our collections help reclaim your time while getting dressed for work, just lounging, and for leisure.

LucyyLunaee is a lifestyle brand on the mission to help the go-getter woman look good taking on the world one outfit at a time. We believe time can be a struggle while accomplishing your dreams, so we're here to reclaim your time with quality curated apparel that empowers you with style, confidence, and being unapologetic.