Hi' Im Dartesha, Ower of LucyyLunaee. Where style + Confidence = Reality 




I'm Dartesha, Owner of LucyyLunaee! The name was formed after my daughter whose nickname is Lucyy and the Lunaee (Lu-nay), together derived from her Gemini altered ego persona. I founded the brand while preparing my daughter for high school and into the world discovery in search of her independence. During this time, I was evolving into my career as a public administrator and it was important for me to display to my daughter how a woman can have a prospering career, a family, and follow her dreams, especially after being a teen parent.  

Here It became apparent for me to start a boutique that is redefining the modern-day career woman who is evolving into the world as the best version of herself. We exude a woman can have it all; impeccable style, a family, and a balanced career. Our collections help you reclaim your time while getting dressed no matter if it’s for work, home, or simply leisure. We simply fit into everyday stages of her life.   

LucyyLunaee is a contemporary brand on the mission to help women look good taking on the world one outfit at a time. We believe time is the most expensive thing we can lose and we want you to reclaim your time while getting dressed. That’s why we carefully curate high quality versatile styles to empower women with style, confidence, and being unapologetic. Our #LucyyGems express themselves through styles. 

We call our community of women "Gems", (#LucyyGems) because a woman may wear many hats and experience lots of pressure from everyday life, but we are like a diamond  created out of pressure and formed into beauty.