Hi' Im Dartesha, Ower of LucyyLunaee. Where style + Confidence = Reality 




I'm Dartesha, Owner of LucyyLunaee! The name was formed after my daughter whose nickname is Lucyy and the Lunaee (Lu-nay), together derived from her Gemini altered ego persona. The brand was founded at the time of preparing my daughter for high school and into the world discovery in search of her independence. During this time, I have preached on the importance of how your appearance and your voice will become a big part of your representation. My moto is first impressions are good, but lasting impressions are forever. 

Here It became apparent for me to start a boutique that would showcase the evolving woman that is ready to step into the world as the best version of herself with style and confidence. I design our collections to embody a woman’s style in her everyday life, no matter of size. As you elevate, we’re here to build your style, while you build your dreams. 



LucyyLunaee is a contemporary brand that curates feminine, bold, and dramatic fashion for the evolving everyday woman who enjoys an elevated wardrobe to basic essentials with versatility. Our Gems express themselves through styles that leave a lasting impression, whether it’s at work, home, or leisure. Since 2011, our carefully curated attainable fashion has empowered women with style, confidence, and being unapologetic. 

Our mission is to help women look good taking on the world one outfit at a time.

 "Where style + confidence = Reality"